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4 Reasons Your Customer Service Agents Just Don’t Care

If you stay on top of customer service industry developments, you know that customer experience is increasingly becoming the #1 differentiator for companies, as customers prioritize this aspect

3 Interview Questions that Will Help You Recruit Experienced, Empathetic Customer Service Representatives

Customer service agents are sometimes the only employees your customers ever talk to. They’re also the #1 resource that can make or break the customer experience you deliver, and therefore –

How to Teach Your Customer Service Agents Empathy: 4 Strategies that Will Get Your Customers Better Service

Almost half of customers care more about getting empathetic customer service than better quality products, reports Groove. That’s easy to understand, but really hard to implement. Emp

The Costs of Poor Quality Customer Service

“How many of you have called a [customer service] helpline?” asked comedian Ellen DeGeneres during one of the opening monologues on her talk show. Practically everyone in the aud

3 Customer Service Statistics that Will Blow Your Mind (and What to Do About it)

Forget everything you knew about customer service. The world is changing, customers are changing, and your company must implement changes as well in order to keep up with customer de

Why You Still Need Human Customer Service in a World of Automation and Chatbots

It’s the dream of every overworked business owner – wave a magic wand and all the administrative tasks will be done for you. You’ll finally focus all your time on the reason you started your bus